chandler_fbChandler, whose birthday is March 18, is a 9th grade Honor Roll student. He has been boxing for three years, loves the sport and enjoys the regimen that the skill demands. Chandler has many boxing medals, trophies and ribbons. His younger brother Chase boxes as well with the Spartans Boxing Club. When he is not boxing, Chandler enjoys playing all sports, especially basketball and video games. His future plans are to attend college for Engineering and to be a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association.


terrance_fbTerrance is called the “genius boxer” amongst the other young boxers because it is he, along with the coaches, who helps tutor and encourage the others with their school lessons and homework. Terrance is entering the 11th grade in high school and presently holds a 3.3 GPA and he sees himself raising that number. His birthday is November 14th. “Tee” started boxing three years ago¬†to learn the fundamentals to be able to defend himself and fell in love with the sport. He has many medals, trophies and ribbons. His favorite hobbies other than boxing is spending time with his family and friends and playing other sports. The plans for his future are being mapped now with one path leading to attend Xavier University in New Orleans and receive a degree in¬†Engineering.


bahir_fbBahir, with a January 21st birthday, is a 10th grade student attending the New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy. He is an Honor Roll student with a 3.0 GPA. He began boxing 3 years ago as a tool to develop proper defense mechanism skills. He loves all of the beneficial properties learned in the training of a boxer. He boxes in the Heavyweight Division and likes to focus on the mindset of his opponents. Bahir has a championship belt as well as other medals, trophies and ribbons. His hobby when not boxing, includes playing football. Bahir’s future plans are to pursue boxing professionally and going to college to receive a degree in Engineering.


chase_fbChase is the younger brother of Chandler, who is also a boxer with the Spartans Boxing Club. Chase is a 6th grade Honor Roll student and his birthday is May 2nd. Chase started boxing to ward off bullies and he has been enjoying boxing for three years. He has 3 championship belts along with other medals, trophies and ribbons. When he is not boxing, Chase loves playing basketball and reading. His future plans are to attend college and become a Professional Firefighter.