Mr. Williams “Money” Montgomery is a renowned trainer who has worked with boxers from all over the country. Mr. Montgomery is the senior trainer of the Spartan’s club. He recruits and screens all trainers before becoming a trainer of the club. He has trained on the amateur and professional level as well. His years of training exceed over fifty years. Mr. Montgomery is considered the back bone of our club.


Mr. Ronald Roberts is our program coordinator who has over twenty years of working with the youth development in our communities. His affiliation has included Family and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children, Recovery School District, B.W. Cooper Resident Management, T- Sap and Project Return. Mr. Roberts for years promotes our program and preforms with USA Boxing Southern Association as a certified official.

Muhammad is an administrator of the SBC. He is a retired Educator and Coach with over 28 years in the Orleans Parish School System, a retired Safety Inspector for offshore drilling and retired Coach of all sports for the New Orleans Recreation Department. Coach Saddiq has been involved specifically in youth boxing for more than 5 years. He believes that the sport and skill of boxing is a positive changer in the lives of our youth in combination with education. Giving children the right tools of discipline, learning and opportunity, sets them on a path of achievement for their future.

Alicia is the Fundraiser and Public Relations member of the Spartans Boxing Club. Her passion for serving the needs of youth goes back to her career as a Public Health Nurse in the city’s Well-Baby Clinics. She strongly believes that the sport, art and skill of boxing is a proven vehicle to help children discover their potential, teaches them structure, patience, discipline and respect for self and others. As a business and political consultant as well as a community leader, Alicia makes contacts and connections to get others to champion and support “her babies”. She is also passionate that “her babies” and urban youth have the opportunities to experience all the good and positive things that hard work and discipline can bring.